The next generation

The use of high-strength steel types and new ways in material processing and treatment in telescope technology have made ground-breaking performance data possible. The new team of LEO21GT and LEO24GT offer 12 metres side reach with 250 kg platform capacity in the entire working area. Also for the stabiliser system there was a high benchmark: The abilities of the classic LEO30T. The results are impressive – Both models offer best-in-class performance and the perfect mix of features and benefits.

New ways in boom telescope technology

By using high-strength steel and processing it with innovative forming and welding techniques, solid but extremely light boom sections were created to achieve wide operating ranges at maximum platform capacity.

Safe, protected and easy to service

The telescopic cylinders, cables and hydraulic hoses are all safely routed through the booms interior. This guarantees protection from damage, dirt and weather conditions. For service and maintenance the entire energy track is easily removable.

Team development

Two models built on the same base. LEO21GT and LEO24GT share almost every component and part. In a team this results in great advantages in spare parts management as well as in training service technicians and operators.

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The original tracked aerial lift – the ideal height access solution with working heights from 12 to 50 metres.

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