Reliable supply with spare parts

TEUPEN´s own service utilises only genuine parts worldwide. Only by using genuine parts it is possible to maintain the optimum interaction between all components, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and value. We provide advice on organizing your spare parts management with model-specific spare-parts packages and individual spare parts. In our headquarters in Gronau, Germany we hold approx. 12,000 spare parts available, which can be ordered quickly and easily if required – by phone, email or fax.

Your contact - our spare parts team

Our spare-parts management team in Gronau as well as our international service partners are ready to assist you. The spare-parts team of the TEUPEN Maschinenbau GmbH does not only support the german-speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland but organises the global supply of all our customers and partners.

Laura Denno & Marcel Möhring

T +49 2562 81 61 300
F +49 2562 81 61 885

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  Training — Qualification of operators and technicians
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Please contact our hotline with your support request. Our customer service team will be pleased to assist you.